KD V EyblExcluding the impact of exchange rate after the global future orders growth 13%.As of November 30th second quarter, Nike's net profit of $537000000, or 59 cents per share.shoe HEEL six portraits were outside corresponding Michael Cooper, Calvin Natt, Moses Malone, "Jamal" Wilkes, Bobby Jones and Michael Thompson. although not yet to 2007, the disclosure of information in advance or people moved ~ NIKE 25 anniversary AF1 legend upcoming fact, Nike technological innovation and dedication did not begin Air Force 1 basketball series.
BHM Kobe 8The same period last year net profit of $384000000, or 57 cents per share.From the beginning of the first day of its establishment, these two principles in relation to a company associated with development. But with the advent of AF1, Nike's goal is to further improve and get a revolutionary leap in product performance.
Hyperfuse 2012 LowThe same period last year included a $137000000 termination of business losses.This not only gives the basketball leap new heights, but also to promote the innovation and development of the production of other sports Nike products. Nike shoulder a substantial innovation mission, which is for athletes and sports based on deep understanding of innovation, which is the Air Force 1 was born in the preamble.